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Mar 25, 2013 8:30pm EDT
. steve jobs famously went in and wheeled his way into the labs. he heard about this, wanted a look at it, and, in fact, he traded shares in his young company, apple, to have a look at what they were doing, a enas soon as he saw it, he said, i know what we can do with that. they, xerox never made much off of the alto, but, obviously, steve jobs did. the point there is not in a corporateceps, it's not -- corporate sense, it's not just enough to have an idea. there has to be a climate in which those ideas can become realized and become commercialized to make it happen. there's some ser renne dipty to it, even if you really try to plan it, and i think that's probably worth acknowledging. another tinker that i spoke to for the book was this guy, nathan. he was microsoft's first technology officer. he left i think in the early 2000s, obviously, and did interesting things after that. people know him from the modernest food cookbook he put together developing a whole school of scientific cooking, so he applied science to, and in the book, i think it's like a $450 book or something, but you ca
Mar 18, 2013 8:30pm EDT
the government and that's not happening. >> coming up, congressman steve pierce of new mexico discusses the republican outreach strategy, a day after rnc chairman announced party policy changes. >> next, two former middle east advisers to the white house discuss the implications of president obama's trip to the middle east next week. from washington institute, this is about 90 minutes. >> good afternoon. good afternoon. welcome to the washington institute. i'm rob the director of the inconstitute. i'm happy to welcome you here today. just at the outset, if i can please remind you, cell phones off, please, not just on vibrate but off completely. this event is being live-streamed for our thousands of fans around the world. this event is being broadcast by c-span, so, everything you say can and will be used against you. so, please too turn your cell phones off. we're gathered here today because president obama is off for the inaugural overseas visit of his second term and he is going to the middle east. going to israel, to the west bank, and to jordan. his itinerary is a very dif
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2